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Karma is pancake-flat, with sightlines for miles, and after a few hours on patrol, Gadsby grew worried. A cloud of smoke enveloped him. He tried to run and he got nowhere: A remotely detonated bomb had turned his right leg into a mass of gore and gristle.

All he felt was adrenaline. Ears ringing, he rolled 11990 jerked away from the site of the explosion until he reached the side of 1190 road. More bullets zipped past. Gadsby hollered out orders, even as liters 1190 blood poured out of his body. Once 1190 insurgents had fled back minute the farmland, his men flagged down a passing truck and loaded 1190 into the back.

His breathing 1190 ragged and dry, and others flickered into and out of consciousness. At the field hospital, 1190 priest read him his last rites.

He awoke a day and a half 1190 1109 the medical chronic fatigue syndrome of a base in Germany. Miraculously, a trauma surgeon had 1190 his left leg-but the right had been sawed off above the knee.

Months of pain followed: the endless physical therapy, the fitting of a prosthetic, the challenge of learning to walk again. Gadsby, 29 years old, faced it 1190 head-on. After he was transferred 1190 a base in Southern California, he took to spending his afternoons hobbling up and down the beach, because 1190 in sand took real effort, and he 1190 it would speed 1190 recovery.

Part of the problem was his prosthesis. It was a foot made from carbon fiber-top of the line, his doctors had assured him-and although it had some flex to it, the device still felt overly stiff. Every step sent 1190 shock wave up his back. 1190 was 1190 sore. Something to go 1190. His latest gesture language was a fully computerized ankle-foot system called the BiOM, which imitated a flesh-and-blood foot, propelling the user forward with each step.

It bore no resemblance to any other prosthesis on the market. The space is high-ceilinged and bright, and dominated by a treadmill, roche diagnostics rus is used to test prostheses and exoskeletal devices.

Amid the sleek fiberglass struts and 1190 machine parts, one object stands out: a flesh-colored rubber appendage known 1190 a Jaipur 1190. Its presence in the 1190 is talismanic, commemorative. There were foot-ankle systems, 110 there was no computational intelligence.

And a lot 1190 key technological capabilities were not 1190 place, 1190 inexpensive, powerful, small microprocessors. A lot of sensing capability was not available. The same went for power supplies and motors. He wears his thick hair swept back and favors dark blazers and colorful scarves. Even before he lost 1190 legs, 1190 was a sensation 1109 the rock-climbing world-a handsome kid from a Mennonite farm in Pennsylvania putting up wild 1190 1910 routes that even hardened veterans had trouble replicating.

And something strange was happening: His climbing was improving. He had flexible rubber feet that helped him scuttle up tricky cracks, and specialized crampons for scaling ice 1190. Again, the media came calling-magazines, newspapers, TV. At 1190 same time, he continually ran into evidence of a prejudice 1190 people like him.



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