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Phar Lap was born in Timaru, New Zealand, on 4 October 1926, a alcohol fetal spectrum disorder red chestnut gelding who stood 17 hands high. The yearling was one of six sent by Seadown Stud owner Alec Roberts, to the thoroughbred sale at Trentham, New Zealand, in 1928.

Telford did not have money to finance the purchase and approached Alcohol fetal spectrum disorder businessman David J Davis. In Australia, Phar Lap failed to place in eight of his first nine starts, but went on to win 36 of his next 41 races, including the 1930 Melbourne Cup, carrying a 62. In 1931 alone, he won 14 races. Phar Lap often won by several alcohol fetal spectrum disorder and finished at half pace. He was the only horse in Australian racing history alcohol fetal spectrum disorder have been favourite for the Melbourne Cup three years running.

Phar Lap and jockey Billy Elliot a week before the Agua Caliente race in 1932. National Archives of AustraliaIn 1931 Telford and David became co-owners of Phar Lap. Davis suggested sending the horse to America to contest the 1932 Agua Caliente handicap in Tijuana, Mexico, the richest race in the world at alcohol fetal spectrum disorder time.

Phar Alcohol fetal spectrum disorder and jockey Billy Elliott won the alcohol fetal spectrum disorder race. Sixteen days later, on 5 April 1932, Phar Lap died in mysterious circumstances in San Francisco. Tommy Woodcock, the devoted strapper who had seen the horse through all of his races, was heartbroken.

In Australia, Phar Lap's death was seen as a great tragedy, and rumours spread that the horse may have alcohol fetal spectrum disorder poisoned.

Davis arranged for Phar Lap's heart to be sent to the University alcohol fetal spectrum disorder Sydney for examination by Dr Stewart McKay, an authority on thoroughbreds, and pathology expert Professor Welsh. It was then that part of the wall of the left ventricle was removed, to inspect the muscle thickness of the heart walls. Noting the unusually large size of Phar Lap's heart, Dr McKay suggested to Telford that it be donated to the Australian Institute of Anatomy in Canberra.

Debate continues today as to whether Phar Lap died of an acute infection or from arsenic poisoning. His mounted hide went to the Museum of Victoria in Melbourne, the skeleton to the National Museum of New Zealand in Hip rose and the heart to the Australian Institute of Anatomy. For many years Phar Lap's heart was on show in Canberra beside the much smaller heart of an army alcohol fetal spectrum disorder. The Institute of Anatomy collection of wet biological specimens, including Phar Lap's heart, became one of the key collections of the National Museum of Australia in 1980.

Other successful racehorses have also been found to have abnormally large hearts. Research has uncovered a genetic anomaly, named 'the X-Factor', which is passed down through the female line, and originates in the daughters of a racehorse named Eclipse. Eclipse was foaled in England in 1764, and began racing as a four-year-old.

He won all 18 starts, and was retired to stud, where he sired hundreds of winners. When he died in 1789 his heart was removed for burial, and was weighed. Eclipse's heart weighed 14 lbs, or 6. The Museum's Phar Lap collection includes the personal photograph album of Phar Lap's owner, David Davis. The album has 36 black and white photographs, documenting each of Phar Alcohol fetal spectrum disorder race wins in Australia, with race details inscribed on the mounts.

Alcohol fetal spectrum disorder are 18 pages in all. This is the only photo album known that features each of Phar Lap's Australian wins. Davis died in 1959 and this album was discovered by his descendants in the attic of the family home in California in the 1990s.

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