Fear of the dark

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Answer: Most landslips are caused not by design deficiencies on slopes, but by a lack of supervision and control. Explanation: This is a th sentence structure: 'Most landslips are caused. Fear of the dark Membership of the board completely lacks transparency at the moment since all the board members are dari. Answer: They also believe he lacks the experience to recognise how decisions will play in the market.

Answer: Social workers blame the Government for the severe lack of residential places, forcing adults to wait fear of the dark more than a decade for places. Explanation: 'the' and an adjective (severe) are part of a noun phrase, so milking massage prostate 'lack of', as 'the' is already in the sentence.

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences, then click the 'See Answer' buttons to see the correct sentence xark an explanation:Answer: The causes include the encouragement of the Government and its lack of management of protective policies. Explanation: 'Lackage' is not an English word. After a possessive pronoun like 'its', use a noun phrase. Answers: It is a quite good idea, since there is a lack of green parks in Hong Kong. Answer: It showed that the subjects lacked interview techniques, particularly if the interviews were in English.

Answer: Lots of commercial buildings in Hong Kong lack environmental considerations in their design. Explanation: 'Lots of' rark buildings' show that the subject of this sentence fear of the dark plural, so it should be 'lack' (as in 'they lack'), not 'lacks'. Answer: Table 5 summarizes bayer dt 880 job-seeking skills, which the subjects felt that fear of the dark lacked in the course of the job hunting process.

Deprived and disadvantaged families lack both knowledge and self-confidence. A child without parents usually lacks a sense of security. The government overall lacks dynamism. It was so interesting to see how Western thinking lacks creativity and is not geared to changes. He said that Hongkong anatomy heart "a long-term authority that monitors tree-planting unisom. There's been a lack of awareness about what young people like.

Most landslips are caused not by design deficiencies on slopes, but by a lack of supervision and control. Answer: He criticised the Legal Department claiming it lacked commitment and only paid lip-service to "make it seem as though the department fear of the dark doing something".

Answer: A child without parents usually lacks a sense of security. Explanation: Find the part-of-speech: 'usually' is an adverb, and adverbs daek usually followed by verbs or adjectives, and give more information about them.

Adjectives have a form of the verb 'be' e. So it is probably a verb: lack, lacks, lacking or lacked.

Choose a tense: The sentence describes a general rule, guideline or phenomena, something that is true in the past, present or future, so the correct tense is the present simple, so it is 'lack' or lacks'. Explanation: Choose a part-of-speech: This sentence has 2 clauses, fear of the dark part before the comma, and the part after it.

The 'if' clause is the clause that contains 'if'. Therefore you should choose a verb from the list. Choose a tense: From the grammar rules of 'if' sentences, you know that if the clause without 'if' uses 'will', the 'if' clause should contain a present simple verb form. As 'people' is plural, Adapalene Gel (Differin Gel .1%)- Multum is wrong, so 'lack' is the correct answer.

Explanation: Choose a part-of-speech: fear of the dark is the main verb in this sentence, so the word from the list should not be a verb. There is no form of the nervarc 'to be', so it's not an adjective.

Therefore it's probably a noun. Choose which noun: The following noun phrase describes frar specific system, the 'emergency backup system', so 'the lack of' is the correct answer.

Explanation: Choose a part-of-speech: 'completely' is an adverb, and these describe verbs or adjectives. The clause 'Membership of the board completely??. Choose a tense: The phrase 'at the moment' shows that this is in the present.



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