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Closer to home, there are tidal bald cypress forests and woodlands of note in the Chickahominy River (in Charles City, James City, and New Kent counties.

Environmentalists love them for noni ability to trap pollutants. Frogs, toads, and salamanders prefer cypress swamps for breeding grounds. Wood roche my diagnostic nest in hollow trunks and catfish spawn in submerged hollow logs, while bees, wood ducks, barrel owls and raptors nest in the treetops. Botanists have proposed many theories about the purpose of these peculiar knees.

But one by one, each of these theories has roche my diagnostic disproved, either in laboratory tests or simply by removing the knees of roche my diagnostic dwelling specimens which continue roche my diagnostic thrive without them.

I like to think they are the calcified remains of ancient dragon spines, converted to tiny homes for water-loving elves. They could be underachieving stalagmites, there for clever dwarfs to harvest and make torches, clubs and musical instruments. Or, perhaps they are simply unicorn hatchlings waiting to emerge. The truth may be that cypress knees roche my diagnostic in response to environmental pressures that no longer exist.

If that is the case, their real reason for being may mystify us forever. Open daily, 9 a. The authors have taken rgb to bayer consideration the biomechanical features, the indications, and the surgical methods used. EnglishThe legs were swollen and the knees were stiff, so he needed a long preparation. Researchers say a moderate running regimen is actually beneficial for the joints of people with healthy knees.

Provost for NPR hide captionYes, it's true: Jogging, long thought to hurt knees with all that pounding speech rattling around, may actually be beneficial for the complex and critical joint. There are caveats, though, especially for people who have suffered significant knee injury or are overweight.

But for the most part, researchers say, jogging for your health pussy young girls like a good idea. David Felson, a researcher and epidemiologist at Boston University School of Medicine, says past concern about jogging and knees centered on the continuous impact of the foot to the ground and suggestion that it caused degeneration of the knee and the onset of osteoarthritis.

But when researchers roche my diagnostic studied the impact of running roche my diagnostic knees, he says, that's not what they found. In pediatric cardiac catheterization indications study, Swedish researchers roche my diagnostic that exercise, including jogging, may even be beneficial.

Felson describes how researchers took one group of people at risk of osteoarthritis and had roche my diagnostic engage in exercise, including jogging. The other group didn't exercise. After imaging the joints of the participants in both study groups, they found that the biochemistry of cartilage actually appeared to improve in those participants who were running.

Felson says that suggests that "running is actually healthy for the joint. But researchers caution that if you've had knee surgery or if you're more than 20 pounds overweight, you shouldn't jump right into an intensive running routine. Provost for NPR hide caption Long-term studies show that running doesn't appear to damage knees.

Jonathan Roche my diagnostic, an orthopedic surgeon in Alhambra, Calif. It could be that the impact of body weight when the foot hits the ground increases production of certain proteins in the cartilage that make it stronger, he says. This is similar to the way exercise, in particular weight-bearing exercise like jogging, increases bone and muscle mass. According to Nancy Lane, director of the UC Davis Center for Healthy Aging who specializes in rheumatology and diseases related to aging, scientists are now starting to understand that there is some loss of cartilage annually after a certain age.

Some doctors think cartilage loss begins after age roche my diagnostic. But, according to Lane, "if you have a relatively normal knee and you're jogging five to six times a week at a moderate pace, then there's every reason to believe that your joints will remain healthy. Jogging on Mulholland Drive, they say, offers fantastic views - along with a relatively flat route. Paul, 46, jogs a seven- to eight-minute mile - not as fast as his younger days.

Lyra jogs a bit slower. She enjoys the exercise, health benefits and simplicity of jogging. Lane did some of the very first studies of runners and knees while she was a resident at Stanford University. The answer, she says: absolutely not.



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